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Two Decorative Birdhouses

Cardboard milk cartons
Cardboard tube
Corrugated cardboard
Brown craft paper or paper bag
Poster board
Spanish moss or excelsior
Paint, 3 or more colors
Small dowel stick 1/8" diameter 1" long
Small embellishments such as birds, ribbon, cording, dried flowers,etc.
Rulers, scissors, pencil, paper, paint brush, sponge, glue, needle & thread  

Milk Carton Birdhouse


Empty, wash and dry 1 pint or quart milk carton. Glue the pour spout closed and cut 1/2" along the top of the milk carton. Cut brown paper to fit around milk carton and glue in place following the folds of the carton.

Cut desired bird hole from the front of the carton through paper and milk carton. Cut a 4" square of corrugated cardboard and securely glue to bottom of milk carton for a base. Cut one 4" x 6" piece of cardboard, fold gently in half and glue to the top of the milk carton, along the fold and down the slanted sides of the carton.

Using scissors or knife to poke hole in carton just below where perch would go and glue stick in hole. Paint and embellish your birdhouse as desired using moss, excelsior, small flowers, etc.

Tube Birdhouse


Cut the cardboard tube to the desired height (paper towel core can be made into three or for story house, bathroom tissue becomes a single dwelling) Cut desired number of round holes for doors.

Cut a 3" square of corrugated cardboard and glue securely to the bottom of the cardboard tube for the base.

To form a roof cut a half circle (5" diameter) from posterboard and roll into a cone overlapping and glue to top of cardboard tube for roof. Take 1" piece of dowel stick for each door in your birdhouse using scissors or knife to poke hold under the door where perch would be. Paint and embellish as desired.

After the birdhouse is built but before the decorations are added you may apply a coat of sealer or water soluble varnish to protect the finish then proceed with the decoration.

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