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Folded Paper Butterfly

Folded Paper Butterfly

One piece of paper cut in a square
Similar paper cut in a rounded rectangle
One chenille stem
Spring clothes pin

Folded Paper Butterfly Diagram

NOTE: The wings are marked in reverse in the above diagram. The square is the top wing and the rounded rectangle is the bottom wing. Sorry for the confusion.


Cut the shapes needed from any decorative paper. Slick magazine pages work well.

Bottom Wing:
Place the rounded rectangle with the long side closest to you and fan-fold from the bottom of the rectangle to the top. Hold the folds with your clothes pin.

Top Wing:
Place the square on point so you are fan-folding from one point at the bottom to the point on the top. Hold both wings in the clothes pin and set aside while you form the body.

Take the chenille stem and fold it in half. The tail is the fold. twist several times to make a tail into the body of the butterfly. Add the lower wing and twist to hold in place. Next add the top wing and add a few more twists of the stem to hold the wings.

Add several twists for the head and then curve the ends to form the butterfly antennae. You may need to trim the ends of the stem if too long.

These butterflies can be made in several sizes, from any paper although the heavier paper holds the folds better. You can also make them from fabric that is two sided or from 2 fabrics that have been bonded with fusible web.

You can add a magnet or filament hanging thread. They make good package ties and decorations. Enjoy.

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