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Hobby Horse

Hobby Horse Pattern

This pattern is a template, you must add a seam allowance. Make from material of your choice.


A piece of fabric for the horse about 17" X 12"
1 yard piece of ribbon or cord for the halter and reins
2 buttons (grey circle on pattern)
Embroidery floss or fabric paint for eye, ear, mouth and nostril (color of your choice)
Dowel stick 1" by 36" or sized for child (can use cut off broomstick)
Fiber for stuffing
Cotton fringe or yarn for main and forelock
White craft glue
Sewing machine or needle & thread to match

The pattern can be enlarged if needed. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together making an 8 1/2" by 12" rectangle. Trace the pattern on freezer paper then iron to the wrong side of the fabric or trace the pattern piece directly onto the wrong side of the fabric. This is a template so the drawn line is your sewing line. Sew around the horses head leaving it open where marked. Clip the curves and turn.

Place a narrow hem around the opening. Stuff the horse head firmly leaving a slight hollow in the center to add the dowel stick later. If you will be embroidering the ear, eye, nose and mouth it will be easier to do it now. If you plan to paint them wait until you have added the dowel stick.

Place the ribbon or cord around the horse's nose using the pattern as your guide. Tack stitch it in place several times along the length of the ribbon halter. Stitch the reins part of your ribbon to the halter section at the grey circle as shown. Loop the reins to the back of the neck and tie in a single overhand knot. Place the two buttons one on each side of the head to cover the joint between the halter and reins. stitch through the horse head attaching both buttons at the same time. Snug the buttons to slightly indent the horse head to give him a little dimension.

Add the dowel stick by placing a good amount of white craft glue on the top several inches of the stick. Insert the stick into the hollow you left in the stuffing. You may run into your thread used to hold the buttons, if this happens wiggle the stick gently so it passes under the threads. Spread some more glue on the stick at the level of the gathers to seal the stick to the fabric. Place a double row of gathering threads about 1 1/2 inches above the hem in the opening, add more stuffing if needed. Pull up the gathers so they fit tight around the stick and are in contact with the glue, add more glue if needed. Tie off and trim the threads.

The mane and forelock can be made by stitching cotton fringe along the pale green line from the horse's ear to the opening and in front of the ear. If you use yarn , wrap several times around your hand forming a loop of yarn. This is stitched along the line until you have a pleasing mane and forelock. You may choose to leave the yarn looped or cut the loops for a different look.

Tie a bow or a bandana around the stick to cover the gathers, Tack stitch in place. Your horse is now ready to be named and trained by some lucky youngster.

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