Tie Angel

This angel was made for me by Elaine, a good friend. The instructions are derived by looking at the angel and how it was made.

Two angels can be made from each tie by adjusting the measurements for the larger end of the tie. The smaller angel can be used as a pin, ornament or wall hanger. An angel made from the large end of the tie would make a wall hanger.

Tie Angel made from small end of man's necktie


14" measured from the narrow end of a tie including the point
6" round purchased doily
1 1/2" wooden knob
2" of lace for collar
small pearl or bead for collar
1/2" flat back pearl or bead for decoration
3" glitter chenille stem for halo
Small amount of doll hair
Flesh tone paint (mine is pale peach but pick your color for the angel you are making)
Paint brush
Black fine line Permanent pen for eyes and nose
Blush and cotton swab
White craft glue
Needle and thread to match tie
3" narrow ribbon for hanger or a pin back


Cut the 14" piece of tie into 2 parts, the point end up 8" for the gown and 6" for the arms. Tie a single knot in the center of the 6" piece to form the folded hands, and set aside.

Fold the cut end down 2 1/2", Place the cut ends of the arm piece under the fold with the knot centered on the front of the pointed piece. Stitch in place.

Gather the doily and stitch or glue to the folded portion of the back of the angel. Stitch or glue the 2" lace collar to the front just below the fold. Glue the smaller pearl or bead to the collar and the larger pearl to the front about 3" from the point. Set aside to dry.

Paint the knob and allow to dry. Using the picture as a guide draw the eyes and nose. Add a small amount of blush to the cheeks with a cotton swab.

Form a circle with the glitter stem and pinch the stem to give the halo a ruffled look.

Glue the fold of the tie under the front of the knob so it fits into the curve of the knob. Glue the hair in place and add the halo. Glue or stitch the narrow ribbon folded into a hanging loop at the top of the doily wings. Glue the wing top and hanger loop to the back of the knob for added security. Add the pin back to the top of the fold in the tie through the doily wings.